M-TECH Sp. Z o.o. at the moment it is in the course of the project, co-financed by the European Union under the Operational Program Development of Intelligent, 2014-2020, in the framework of sub-measure 3.3.3: Support for SMEs in the Product Brand Promotion - GO TO BRAND

The introduction of the Company's M-TECH prospective new international markets (USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and Russia) and the increase in sales to European markets, in particular by promoting a new product Retrofit M-Tech Platinum types C5W, W5W

For the purposes of promotion of selected products marketing campaign model was developed, based on participation in trade fairs and participating in individual missions (combined with a visit to the fair). Selected Fair Events: Two events on the US market perspective APEX in Las Vegas in 2018 and 2019 as well as key events organized in Europe in France EQUIP AUTO (2019 years); in 2018 two Automechanika fairs in both Germany and the UK, and two fairs in 2018 and 2019. Italy Autopromotec. These events would not only keep track of new trends, but also the acquisition of customers in both the US market and new business partners from European markets. In order to win new customers from other prospective markets such as Mexico, Australia and South Africa - apart from exhibiting at the fair in the US (clients of these countries, mainly participating in the fair for the US market), there will be individual economic missions while taking place in these countries fair industry. This will undoubtedly best opportunity to hold meetings with the greatest number of potential customers. Policy discussions at individual missions will also be applied to the Russian market. In addition, the purchase will be made of specialized consulting services related to the perspective of entering the US market in terms of market research, select for the target group of potential partners, define the legal framework for the US market. Information and promotion activities is the execution and distribution of information materials promocy

The main objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company M-TECH international markets (especially in the US market), by building awareness of the brand M-TECH among foreign customers, a result of ongoing project activities, enabling promote new products the Company markets the US, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Australia and Europe. This will be achieved through the development of exports, attracting new market outlets (prospective new markets) and key customers, and the promotion and construction of competitive brand M-TECH on the foreign market. Scheduled major objectives in the internationalization of the company, will have a direct impact on increasing revenues from exports as well as the internationalization of Polish products and Polish show as a reliable business partner in the international arena - Implementation of the main competition - the promotion of the Polish Brand Gosp

Beneficiary Name: M-Tech POLAND Sp. o.o.
Value of the project: 1 019 412,00 PLN
The value of the subsidy: 677 550,00 PLN
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